Meet Dr. Mansi Upadhyaya-Beehner

For me, dentistry is about establishing or restoring oral health and transforming the lives of patients. This is done through providing preventive care, restorative procedures, alleviating pain, or correcting dentofacial abnormalities for aesthetic purposes. Satisfaction, privilege, and joy are achieved in helping to transform a patient’s life by restoring their oral health and giving them confidence in their smile.

Working with a diverse community helps me to see the world through different perspectives. I appreciate how every patient is unique, both in who they are and their thoughts on dentistry. In talking with patients, I develop a clear understanding on the oral healthcare they have received in the past and how that shapes their needs and desires for the future.

It’s important to me to be able to educate all my patients on the right treatment that addresses their needs and suits their expectations. I also teach patients about prevention, nutrition, and taking control of their dental health. When a patient and I work together and achieve their goals, I find joy and satisfaction: I want patients to feel their best and to understand how their oral health impacts their overall wellness.

~ Dr. Mansi Beehner

Education and Experience

Growing up in Bloomingdale, Illinois, Dr. Mansi often assisted her father at his Chicago dental practice. This early experience, working as staff and chairside, drew her to the profession. She appreciated the science and art of dentistry, as well as the long-term relationships that grow between provider and patient.

Dr. Mansi received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Sciences at Marquette University. She then obtained her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Marquette's School of Dentistry.

As a dentist, Dr. Mansi is most passionate about educating her patients on what is best for their individual oral health needs. Before this is possible, though, she works to establish a trusting rapport with her patients, so they feel comfortable and open to discussing their expectations and concerns. An attentive and non-judgmental listener, Dr. Mansi encourages her patients to be honest with her: the better she understands their needs, the better she can serve them.

This attentive and compassionate approach allows Dr. Mansi to calm anxious patients through education and proceeding slowly with their care. She cannot help but smile when a procedure is finished and her patient has been comfortable throughout the process: they are relieved and feel better than when they arrived.

Professional Affiliations, Continuing Education, and Volunteerism

Dr. Mansi is an active member of the:

Through these organizations, Dr. Mansi has access to numerous continuing education (CE) opportunities. In addition to attending annual meetings in Chicago, she takes multiple CE courses throughout the year.

Ongoing learning allows Dr. Mansi to stay up-to-date on current dental trends, options, and treatments, ensuring she is offering the best possible care to her patients. By continuously engaging in education and research, she further shapes her professional role, as well.

Dr. Mansi believes in giving back to the community and supporting those in need. She regularly volunteers with Missions of Mercy in Wisconsin, providing free dental care to the underserved. Additionally, she has participated in trips to Honduras and Guatemala, where she provided dental care and education to children and adults.

Beyond the Practice

Dr. Mansi and her family reside in Shorewood, on the north shore. Her husband, Dr. Luke Beehner, is also her business partner. The couple has two children, a daughter and son, and the family enjoys spending their weekends engaging in family time with the kids.

In addition to time with family and friends, and being an active home cook, Dr. Mansi loves to run. Over the last ten years she has participated in a handful of half-marathons, 10K, and 6K runs. Her goal is to one day complete a full marathon.

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