Meet Dr. Luke Beehner

I strive to provide the best dental care for every patient I meet. Each patient has individual abilities, desires, and goals, and I enjoy helping them develop a plan to achieve what they want to achieve.

As a dentist, I am particularly interested in providing emergency dental treatment to patients in discomfort or distress. Dentistry often offers a solution to extreme pain with a single procedure. Providing that service allows the individual to get back to their life, a life which has often been severely impacted or disrupted by dental pain.

I have also found that providing a fix to a patient’s pain helps to establish trust. We can then discuss, plan, and pursue comprehensive treatment in the immediate future, decreasing the likelihood of new or worsening issues.

~ Dr. Luke Beehner

Education and Experience

A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Luke chose to pursue dentistry as a means of helping others. He thrives on the clinical aspects of dentistry, enjoys working with his hands, and appreciates having the time to build long-term relationships with those in his care.

Dr. Luke attended Marquette University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. Remaining at Marquette, he then obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2013, at the University’s School of Dentistry.

In practice, Dr. Luke enjoys working through a procedure with a patient, providing clear communication and answering questions prior to starting. He makes a point of maintaining that communication during and following the procedure. This improves the patient’s level of comfort, as they know Dr. Luke is focusing on them and their wellbeing. Once trust has been established, the patient is able to maintain a sense of control throughout what might have initially seemed to be an intimidating experience.

Professional Affiliations and Continuing Education

Dr. Luke is an active member of the International Dental Implant Association and other professional organizations. These memberships offer a wide range of continuing education (CE) opportunities, allowing him access to the latest research, trends, and new technologies, as well as further develop his skills.

In addition to CE in general dentistry, Dr. Luke seeks out advanced courses and training in endodontics (root canal therapy) and dental implants. Through endodontics, he is often able to repair badly damaged teeth and restore oral health. When a tooth is too badly damaged to be saved, a dental implant may be the ideal solution to relace that tooth. By offering these services in-house, Dr. Luke does not need to refer patients to other providers.

Beyond the Practice

When not working, Dr. Luke is usually found with his wife, Dr. Mansi, and their two young children. He enjoys jogging with the children in tow, and going to the pool with his family. He also likes skiing and loves watching his daughter learn to enjoy the sport.

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